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J.E. Sonke, R. Teisserenc, L-E. Heimbürger, M.V. Petrova,  N. Marusczak, T. Le Dantec, A.V. Chupakov, C. Li, C.P. Thackray, E.M. Sunderland, N. Tananaev, O.S. Pokrovsky. 2018. Eurasian river spring flood observations support net Arctic Ocean mercury export to the atmosphere and Atlantic Ocean. PNAS. 115(50): E11586-E11594 [full text]

Y. Ma, D. Adelman, E.M. Bauerfeind, A. Cabrerizo, C. Macdonough, D. Muir, T. Soltwedel, C. Sun, C.C. Wagner, E.M. Sunderland, R. Lohmann. 2018. Concentrations and water mass transport of legacy POPs in the Arctic Ocean. Geophysical Research Letters. 45 (23), 12,972-12,981. [full text]

A. Saiz-Lopez, S.P. Sitkiewicz, D. Roca-Sanjuán, J.M. Oliva-Enrich, J.Z Dávalos, R. Notario, M. Jiskra, Y. Xu, F. Wang, C.P. Thackray, E.M. Sunderland, D.J. Jacob, O. Travnikov, C.A. Cuevas, A.U. Acuña, D. Rivero, J. Plane, D.E. Kinnison, J.E. Sonke. 2018. Photoreduction of gaseous oxidized mercury changes global atmospheric mercury speciation, transport and deposition. Nature Communications. 9, 4796. [full text]

D.J. Madigan, M. Li, R. Yin, H. Baumann, O.E. Snodgrass, H. Dewar, D.P. Krabbenhoft, Z. Baumann, N.S. Fisher, P.H. Balcom, E.M. Sunderland. 2018. Mercury stable isotopes reveal influence of foraging depth on mercury concentrations and growth in Pacific bluefin tuna. Environmental Science and Technology. 52(11): 6256-6264. [full text]

C. Dassuncao, X.C. Hu, F. Nielsen, P. Weihe, P. Grandjean, E.M. Sunderland. 2018. Shifting global exposures to poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances evident in longitudinal birth cohorts from a seafood consuming population. Environmental Science and Technology. 52(6): 3738-3747. [full text]

X.C. Hu, C. Dassuncao, X. Zhang, P. Grandjean, P. Weihe, G.M. Webster, F. Nielsen, E.M. Sunderland. 2018. Can profiles of poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in human serum provide information on major exposure sources? Environmental Health. 17 (1):11. DOI: 10.1186/s12940-018-0355-4. [full text]

D. Obrist, J. Kirk, L. Zhang, E. Sunderland, M. Jiskra, N.E. Selin. 2018. A review of global environmental mercury processes in response to human and natural perturbations: changes of emissions, climate and land use. Ambio. DOI: 10.1007/s13280-017-1004-9. [full text]

A.T. Schartup, A. Qureshi, C. Dassuncao, C.P. Thackray, G. Harding, E.M. Sunderland. 2018. Methylmercury uptake and trophic transfer by marine plankton. Environmental Science and Technology. 52(2): 654-662. [full text]

E.M. Sunderland, M. Li, K. Bullard. 2018. Decadal changes in edible supply of seafood and methylmercury exposure in the United States. Environmental Health Perspectives. DOI:10.1289/EHP2644. [full text]

D.G. Streets, Z. Lu, L. Levin, A.F.H. ter Schure, E.M. Sunderland. 2018. Historical releases of mercury to air, land and water from coal combustion. Science of the Total Environment. 615: 131-140. [full text]


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X. Zhang, Y. Zhang, C. Dassuncao, R. Lohmann, E.M. Sunderland. 2017. North Atlantic deep water formation inhibits high Arctic contamination by continental perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) discharges. Global Biogeochemical Cycles. 31(8): 1332-1343. [full text]

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C. Dassuncao, X.C. Hu, X. Zhang, R. Bossi, M. Dam, B. Mikkelsen, E.M. Sunderland. 2017. Temporal shifts in poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in North Atlantic pilot whales indicate large contribution of atmospheric precursors. Environmental Science and Technology. 51(8): 4512-4521. [full text]

A. Weber, L. Barber, D. LeBlanc, E.M. Sunderland, C.D. Vecitis. 2017. Geochemical and hydrologic factors controlling subsurface transport of poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Environmental Science and Technology. 51(8): 4269-4279. [full text] Link to USGS story on paper here.

H.M. Horowitz, D.J. Jacob, Y. Zhang, T.S. Dibble, F. Slemr, H.M. Amos, J.A. Schmidt, E.S. Corbitt, E.A. Marais, E.M. Sunderland. 2017. A new mechanism for atmospheric mercury redox chemistry: Implications for the global mercury budget. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.17, 6353-6371. [full text].

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R.S.D. Calder, A.T. Schartup, M. Li, A.P. Valberg, P.H. Balcom, E.M. Sunderland. 2016. Future impacts of hydroelectric power expansion on methylmercury exposures of Canadian indigenous communities. Environmental Science and Technology. 50 (23): 13115–13122. [full text] [SI]

M. Li, A.T. Schartup, A.P. Valberg, J. Ewald, D.P. Krabbenhoft, R. Yin, P. Balcom, E.M. Sunderland. 2016. Environmental origins of methylmercury accumulated in subarctic estuarine fish indicated by Hg stable isotopes. Environmental Science and Technology. 50(21): 11559-11568. [full text].

E.M. Sunderland, A.T. Schartup. 2016. News & views: Mercury methylation on ice. Nature Microbiology. DOI: 10.1038/NMICROBIOL.2016.165. [pdf]

X. Zhang, R. Lohmann, C. Dassuncao, X.C. Hu, A. Weber, C.D. Vecitis, E.M. Sunderland. 2016. Source attribution of poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances in surface waters from Rhode Island and the New York Metropolitan Area. Environmental Science and Technology Letters. 3(9): 316-321. [pdf]

X.C. Hu, D. Andrews, A.B. Lindstrom, T.A. Bruton, L.A. Schaider, P. Grandjean, R. Lohmann, C.C. Carignan, A. Blum, S.A. Balan, C. Higgins, E.M. Sunderland. 2016. Detection of poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in U.S. drinking water linked to industrial sites, military fire training areas and wastewater treatment plants. Environmental Science and Technology Letters. 3(10): 344-350. [full text]

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E.M. Sunderland, C.T. Driscoll, Jr., J.K. Hamitt, P. Grandjean, J.S. Evans, J.D. Blum, C.Y. Chen, D.C. Evers, D.A. Jaffe, R.P. Mason, S. Goho, W. Jacobs. 2016. Benefits of regulating hazardous air pollutants from coal and oil-fired utilities in the United States. Environmental Science & Technology. 50(5): 2117-2120. [full text]

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A.L. Soerensen, D.J. Jacob, A.T. Schartup, J.A. Fisher, I Lehnherr, V.L. St. Louis, L.-E. Heimberger, J.E. Sonke, D.P. Krabbenhoft, E.M. Sunderland. 2016. A mass budget for mercury and methylmercury in the Arctic Ocean. Global Biogeochemical Cycles. [full text] [SI]

Y. Zhang, D.J. Jacob, H.M. Horowitz, L. Chen, H.M. Amos, D.P. Krabbenhoft, F. Slemr, M.S. Landis, V. St. Louis, E.M. Sunderland. 2016. Observed decrease in atmospheric mercury explained by global decline in anthropogenic emissions. PNAS. 113(3), 526-531. [link to 1990-2010 global emissions data .zip file]. [full text]

A. Schartup, R. Calder, M. Li, P. Balcom, A. Valberg, J. Ewald, E. Sunderland. 2016. "Methylmercury" in Lake Melville: Avativut, Kanuittailinnivut (Our Environment, Our Health). Scientific Report, Nunatsiavut Government. Nain, Labrador. [pdf]


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A.T. Schartup, P.H. Balcom, A.L. Soerensen, K. Gosnell, R. Calder, R.P. Mason, E.M. Sunderland. 2015. Freshwater discharges drive high levels of methylmercury in Arctic marine biota. PNAS. 112(38), 11789-11794. [full text]

Y.Zhang, D.J. Jacob, S. Dutkiewicz, H.M. Amos, M.S. Long, E.M. Sunderland. 2015. Biogeochemical drivers of the the fate of riverine mercury discharged to the global and Arctic oceans. Global Biogeochemical Cycles. 29(6): 854-864. [full text]

A.T. Schartup, U.C. Ndu, R.P. Mason, E.M. Sunderland. 2015. Contrasting effects of marine and terrestrially derived organic matter on mercury speciation and bioavailability in seawater. Environmental Science & Technology. 49(10): 5965-5972. [full text]

H.M. Amos, J.E. Sonke, D. Obrist, N. Robins, N. Hagan, H.M. Horowitz, R.P. Mason, M. Witt, I. Hedgecock, E.S. Corbitt, E.M. Sunderland. 2015. Observational and modeling constraints on global anthropogenic enrichment of mercury. Environmental Science & Technology. 49(7) : 4036-4047. [full text]


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A.L. Soerensen, R.P. Mason, P. Balcom, D.J. Jacob, Y. Zhang, Y. Kuss, E.M. Sunderland. 2014. Elemental mercury concentrations and fluxes in the tropical atmosphere and ocean. Environmental Science and Technology. 48: 11312-11319. [full text]

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H.M. Amos,  D.J. Jacob, D. Kocman, H.M. Horowitz, Y. Zhang, S. Dutkiewicz, M. Horvat, E.S. Corbitt, D.P. Krabbenhoft, E.M. Sunderland. 2014. Global biogeochemical implications of mercury discharges from rivers and sediment burial. Environmental Science and Technology. 48(16) : 9514-9522. [full text]

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E.M. Sunderland, J.G. Wiener, M.E. Brigham. 2014. Why is mercury in fish a concern? Chapter 2 in USGS Circular, The Quality of Our Nation's Waters: Mercury in the Nation's Streams - Levels, Trends, and Implications. Circular 1395. D.A. Wentz, M.E. Brigham, M.A. Lutz, D.P. Krabbenhoft (Eds.). 100 pp.




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