Principal Investigator

Fred Kavli Professor of Environmental Chemistry and Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences


Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering & Applied Sciences and Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences


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Lab Manager

Prentiss has managed the lab since 2014 and specializes in trace metals research.


B.S., U. Conn., Biological Sciences

M.A., College of William and Mary, Marine Sciences


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Research Scientist, Department of Environmental Health, HSPH

Trina has worked with the group for many years and specializes in risk-assessment research. She leads the research translation core for MEMCARE.


A.B., Harvard College

Sc. M., Harvard School of Public Health, Environmental Science and Risk Management

Sc.D., Harvard School of Public Health, Environmental Science and Risk Management


Group Programmer

Colin coordinates group modeling activities, curates codes, and provides training for group members. He joined he lab in 2016 and works remotely out of Newfoundland, Canada.


Ph.D., 2016, MIT, Earth, Atm. & Planetary Sciences

M.Sc., 2011, Dalhousie University, Physics & Atm. Science

B.Sc., 2009, Memorial University, Physics


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Robert Stanhope

Faculty Coordinator

Rob joined the lab in 2023 as a faculty coordinator.  He has worked with Jim Anderson's group as a graphic designer and research coordinator for many years.



Postdoctoral Fellow

Connor joined the group in the Summer of 2023.  He is interested in terrestrial mercury cycling and refining the global biogeochemical budget for Hg using integrated data sets, Hg isotopic measurements, and modeling.


Ph.D., 2023, Syracuse University, Environmental Engineering

M.S.,  2018, Middle Tennessee State University, Biology

B.S., 2015, Middle Tennessee State University, Biology


Doctoral Student

Ben joined the group in 2018 after working as an Energy Consultant and with WHOI on barium isotopes. Ben studies the global biogeochemical mercury cycle accumulation in sedimentary archives. He has performed field research as a doctoral student in the South Atlantic, Alaska, and Gulf of Maine and was our only group member to be stranded at sea during the first Covid lockdown.


AB, 2016, Bowdoin, Earth and Ocean Sciences

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Doctoral Student

Jennifer joined the group in 2018 after working for the San Francisco Estuarine Institute (SFEI) for several years. She works on many different types of models including for PFAS bioaccumulation, atmospheric PFAS, and machine-learning models for drinking water contaminants.


B.S., 2013, Cornell, Environmental Science


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Doctoral Student

Heidi joined the group in 2017 and worked as a Research Fellow running our analytical program for PFAS before becoming a doctoral student. She is a STEEP trainee and works on many subjects related to PFAS.


M.Sc., 2017, Memorial University, Analytical and Environmental Chemistry

B.Sc., 2015, Mt. Allison University, Analytical Chemistry


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Doctoral Student

Mona joined the group in 2019 after working for the US EPA's Office of Children's Health Protection. She is a MEMCARE trainee and works on exposures to heavy metals from drinking water and environmental justice issues.


Grad student profile: Mona Dai


B.S., 2015, Duke, Civil Engineering and Environmental Science & Policy

M.S., 2017, Johns Hopkins, Environmental Health

Doctoral Student

Jahred first worked with us as an undergraduate at the college. He completed his masters at HSPH in 2021 and entered the doctoral program at HSPH the following fall. He is working on PFAS exposure and environmental justice issues.


A.B., 2016, Harvard College, Environmental Engineering

M.S.  2021, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Environmental Health


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Evan Routhier

Doctoral Student

Evan joined us in the fall of 2022 after working with the USGS mercury research lab in Wisconsin.  Evan is studying interactions between mercury exposure and the microbiome of different populations in Madagasgar and conducting field research in the Amazon.


B.S. 2020, University of Wisconsin Madison, Biochemistry and Environmental Science

Olivia Pietz

Doctoral Student

Olivia joined the group as a new student in the Fall of 2023.  She is interested broadly in the influence of climate change on water pollution and heavy metal mobilization.


B.S. 2022, Chemistry and Chemical Biology & Environment and Sustainability, Cornell University

Faiz Haque

Research Fellow

Faiz joined the group in 2022. He supports the analytical program for PFAS research.


M.Sc., 2021, Analytical Chemistry, Stockholm University

B.Sc., 2019, Chemistry, University of Southampton

Zhiji Hu

Research Assistant

Zhiji recently received her MS student in the Department of Environmental Health at HSPH.


For her Masters thesis she worked with our group on PFAS bioaccumulation modeling and is now collaborating on some microbiome work as well.



Fabian joined the group as a postdoctoral fellow in the Spring of 2022 and is interested in toxicokinetic processes affecting toxicity. He recently joined the faculty of URI and continues to work as an Associate with our group.


Ph.D., 2018, University of Tubingen, Environmental Sciences

M.Sc., 2015, Justus Liebig University, Environmental Sciences

B.Sc., 2012, University of Bielefeld, Environmental Sciences



David is a retired Senior Research Scientist from Argonne National Laboratory who is working with us on future emissions scenarios for mercury. He is a longtime collaborator with the group and is presently working with us on two NSF-funded projects.


Ph.D., 1971, Physics, University of London, England

B.Sc., 1968, Physics and Chemistry, University of London, England


Chad is a longtime collaborator with the group on PFAS research.  He conducted some of the first measurements on physical and chemical properties of PFAS as a doctoral student at Caltech.


Ph.D., 2009, Environmental Physical Chemistry, Caltech

B.Sc., 2001, Chemistry, Johns Hopkins


Scott is a former NSF postdoctoral fellow who now works with Woodwell Climate Research Center. He is collaborating with our group on how permafrost melt and wildfires are affecting mercury cycling in the Arctic.


Ph.D., 2019, University of Alberta, Biological Sciences/Ecology

B.A., 2011, Middlebury College, Environmental Science/Geology,

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Sunderland Lab

Group Administrator: Robert Stanhope

Address: 29 Oxford Street, Cambridge MA 02138

E-mail:  stanhope [at]