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Press release our recent work on the effectiveness of the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) for reducing atmospheric deposition and sociodemographic disparities in exposure from U.S. coal fired power plants.

See Harvard Gazette article on new paper by Ruyle et al. (2023) on the timescales of PFAS contamination at sites contaminated by use of Aqueous Film Forrming Foams (AFFF) containing PFAS, including reconstruction of all of the organofluorine in contaminated groundwater.


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See Harvard School of Public Health article on new paper by Liddie et al. (2023) on sociodemographic disparties in drinking water exposures to PFAS in the United States.


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The Invisible Wave - Understanding the human and ecological impacts of global chemical pollution in the ocean.  New initiative by the Economist Group and Nippon Foundation.  Read the full report


See related webinar on this work here and podcast here.

See Professor Sunderland's Congressional Testimony from 2021 on  Exposure to PFAS  and regulatory actions needed to address this harmful class of chemicals. Written testimony can be found here.

Mercury Matters: See our work on regulating Hazardous Air Pollutant Emissions from Coal Fired Electricity Generating Units in the United States.


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