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T. Wang, B. Du, I. Forbrich, J. Zhou, J. Polen, E.M. Sunderland, P.H. Balcom, C.Y. Chen, D. Obrist. 2024. Above- and belowground plant mercury dynamics in a salt marsh estuary in Massachusetts, USA. Biogeosciences. Accepted.


P. Shende, L. Zifeng, E.M. Sunderland, A. Qureshi. 2024. Potential reductions in fine particulate matter and premature mortality following implementation of air pollution controls on coal-fired power plants in India. Air Quality, Atmosphere & Health. Accepted.


F.C. Fischer, S. Ludtke, C. Thackray, H.M. Pickard, F. Haque, C. Dassuncao, Satoshi Endo, Laurel Schaider, E.M. Sunderland. 2024. Binding of Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) to Serum Proteins: Implications for Toxicokinetics in Humans. Environmental Science & Technology.


C. Richon, C. Wagner, E.M. Sunderland, S-D. Ayata, A. Tagliabue. 2024. A global biogeography analysis reveals vulnerability of surface marine zooplankton to anthropogenic stressors. One Earth.


M. Dunn, N. Noons, S. Vojta, J. Becanova, H. Pickard, E.M. Sunderland, R. Lohmann. 2024. Unregulated Active and Closed Textile Mills Represent a Significant Vector of PFAS Contamination into Coastal Rivers. ES&T Water.


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